carp fishing on valium - the songs

In 2000 Graham Parker and Tom Freund took to the road to perform songs written to accompany the book "Carp Fishing On Valium". This is the complete collection of demos written and performed by Graham Parker, and is being made available for the very first time. You can only find it in one place: on this very website. Like the other CDs sold on this website, it will be available in a limited edition, and once it's gone -- it's gone, so get it while you can!

Track Listing:

   1. coins in my pocket

   2. soultime

   3. chloroform

   4. custom fanny

   5. brain surgery

   6. well well well

   7. blue horizon

   8. anything for a laugh

   9. last stop is nowhere

  10. hot ringlets

  11. carp fishing on valium

Price is $3.00 plus postage and handling.

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